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  • Habits you take up in the Hostel life & Don't Regret

    To Live as a PG, one should follow a set of rules and regulations provided by the PG owner.

    Before renting a flat on their own, most teenagers and young adults prefer to transition via a paying guest as this offers meals and a more homely environment. It is also more affordable and preferred by students. In most PGs and housing options such as Your-Space, basic needs are taken care of such as security, meals, laundry, and housekeeping.

    Many people who have lived in paying guest accommodations (PG), have fond memories of leading a carefree life. Your new phase is about to start after your college journey.The thing you worry about is your PG stay & that worries you in the PG is "How to choose & How to maintain".

    You meet various people who are of different cultures & society. You get to mingle with them & learn more things with them. People with different cultures Live in PG.

    But the interesting part is that you can learn many habits which will usually teach you many lessons for life.

    Here are few habits you create while meeting new culture & society friends:

    • Make friends from different culture & habits
    • Sharing is caring
    • A responsible being
    • Group study will make a change

    Let's hear in detail below.

    Making friends from different culture & Habits.

    Most people entering college are looking to make new friends in life, and Some feel that they have no friends in college. It is acceptable you can make some good friends at your PG also.

    Making many friends is a part of our life. It does not matter if you are an introvert or extrovert but you need friends.

    The bond may be big or small. In the PG, you will have roommates, PG mates & people whomever you meet in PG circles and you should mingle around, have meals together and introduce yourself to new people. You should participate in social events in and out of the PG and experience this phase of life as well. so make friends and enjoy your PG stay.

    Above all, don't let fear or shyness stop you from being open to meeting other guests in your hostel. Walking into a common room or dormitory full of people can be daunting – especially if you're naturally introverted. But you have to remember that hostels bring together other people who are just like you!.

    Talk to your other room mates & It will help you connect with more people. And remember to stay connected with those, with whom who form a mutual bond. Say hi, pass a smile, invite each other to events slowly your acquaintance will form into a friendship.

    Sharing is Caring

    Staying in a PG gives you a sharing experience as well. But you also share your space with someone. You would have got some experience in sharing your food but as time flies you would also have to share clothes, utensils & your things as well. Sharing and adjusting are the most important things you can expect at a PG. It feels overwhelming at times, but this is a must-have life experience one should have for a better perspective on things and life in general.

    A responsible Being

    You would have been an irresponsible being when you were at your home place, but PG life changes you. You need to take care of a lot of things at the same time. If you are alone, you will start taking care of things properly & here you learn new things, and actions. You will also take care of financial stability. You know how to budget the money & live with that allocated amount.

    Group study will make a change

    When you are a kid, your group sessions will always be chat sessions. But in your PG life, you will be conscious of running out of time & deadlines, don't get stuck on topics and things as they get cleared up fast. And the sense of motivation it gives you also helps you to push yourself more to do better. When staying at a PG, you will realise that it is always better to study in a group, rather than alone.

    There is a lot that you can expect at a PG. Besides making you independent, punctual, and responsible, hostel life is also fun and provides you with the opportunity to meet interesting people.

    If you are looking for a PG. Check MSR Luxury. We have many features for your living & nearby location which will keep you connected. We take care of each and everything for you and ensure that you would feel comfortable living Sai grand PG.

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